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Samsung Gear Fit

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Samsung Gear Fit

Samsung Gear Fit Smart Watch

On a recent trip back to my hometown of Niagara Falls, N.Y., I found myself in a computer electronics store   called Best Buy. I couldn’t get over all the electronics inside! I knew I was missing out on some of the latest electronics, but I had no idea. My father had always told me whenever you know you want to buy something,
walk away and if you really want it—you’ll come back and get it. Well I went back, got it and was glad I did. It’s not a computer or smartphone, but as a tech guy I can make this watch do a few things. I recommend having a store rep who knows what they’re doing first install it and fit it for you. There’s some tricky downloading and
setup items that can overwhelm a first timer. The watch has all the features you think you’d get in a fitness watch—heart monitor, pedometer and such. I also get numerous apps from Gear Fit through the Google Play Store, e.g., recorder, camera remote, phone app, flashlight, calendar, calculator, and more.
It’s about USD149 before taxes ($14) and screen protector ($19). You can also change watch band colors and watch face itself (wallpaper). I’m pretty happy with it and sure you will be too.


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