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Capt Mazlan

BByy Capt M H Hamzah, Senior Lecturer,

Advanced Nautical Studies Dept, Malaysian Maritime Academy
I was blinded by work and my drive for achievement.” The world gasped in awe when I first showed the results of my research. I felt a national pride and tasted the
confidence that we Koreans could achieve things too,” he told a packed news conference.
The charges centred on the collection of human egg cells for his research and whether they were obtained voluntarily.
Dr Hwang apologised to the nation for ethical lapses in his work. He said he had not been truthful about the source of some of the eggs and had been too focused on results.
He said he was resigning from his official posts to show his contrition – but would continue as a researcher on the stem cell project.
Source: BBC News November 2005

The Conflicts Between Interest and Integrity

Case 1: Atlantic Eagle
Positions on the chart were falsified and log books and records were then completed in a manner aimed at ensuring consistency with the chart rather than being accurate, factual and indisputable as required.

Case 2: Alam Pintar
After the collision the master of Alam Pintar failed to report the collision and denied knowledge of the incident to authorities. On arrival at Hamburg, documents and records were found to have been falsified or destroyed.

Case 3: MV Rena
The master and navigating officer admitted making alterations after the grounding to the ship’s GPS log, its passage plan and its computer to mislead investigating authorities.
Case 4: Rickmers Dubai
The vessel hit a towed un-lit barge whilst navigating in the traffic separation scheme (TSS) off Dover in the early hours. Based on the report, lookout was not on the bridge. The bridge avigational watch alarm system (BNWAS) was switched-off. The
duty officer was listening to music on the bridge. he master was not informed about the accident neither nor the relieving officer even though vessel was instructed by the shore traffic services (VTS) to save their voyage data recorder (VDR) data. Second officer denied about hitting the barge. Hours later, vessel was instructed
to stop and anchor off the TSS for further investigations.

Learning is a fundamental survival mechanism ….. (The Human Element p 61). As a result, it is more – or less of a danger to everybody concerned, for without the right guidance, people learn the wrong things (The Human Element p 61).
The main purpose of maritime academies is to inculcate and instil values amongst its students: skills and competencies are next. Perhaps 80 percent of the time spent on campus should be on values and the remaining 20 percent on developing new
Shipping is customer-centric. The relationship amongst various stakeholders is based on trust. We expect people to be honest in discharging their duties at all times. It is imperative that we include values in one of the specification tables of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) Code, 1978


The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) independent investigation into the grounding of the Greek registered bulk carrier Atlantic Eagle at Maude Reef, off Albany, Western Australia 15 July 2008
UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) report on the investigation of the collision between the bulk carrier Alam Pintar and the fishing vessel Etoile des Ondes 15 miles north of the Cherbourg peninsula on 20 December 2009 resulting in one
fatality and the loss of the fishing vessel

NZ Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) Interim Report Marine inquiry 11-204: Containership MV Rena grounding on Astrolabe Reef 5 October 2011

Report on the investigation of the collision of Rickmers Dubai with the crane barge Walcon Wizard being towed by the tug Kingston in the south-west lane of the Dover Strait Traffic Separation Scheme on 11 January 2014

The human element – a guide to human behaviour in the shipping industry by UK Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA)



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