NL 42 Editorial and Front Page

NL 42 Editorial and Front Page

When you talk about want, that means you don’t have it!” (Dianna Kokoszka); e.g., wanting to be a world class leader in anything! If you’re not excited about waking up in the morning, life in general or just plain tired of being “out skilled”– change it, “take the lid off the jar”(Google)! Be BOLD, act decisively and empower your people to participate– “whether you believe you can or not, you’re right (Henry Ford)!

Thanks again for reading the newsletter; if you enjoyed reading it, please spread the word! Also check out and make comments on our new GlobalMET blog ( for exclusive content not in the newsletter!

By all accounts the launch of the new look and feel of the newsletter had excellent reviews. There were a few errata, 001 and 002, on newsletter (NL) 41 pages 6 and 10. These dealt with the Preventing Collision; the full errata is posted on the GlobalMET blog. To set things right, both parts I and II in its entirety are published in the newsletter this month.


If there was a theme and focus for the newsletter this month it would be women and also the maintenance of the highest standards of professionalism and watchkeeping. From the appointment of Dr. Doumbia-Henry as new World Maritime University (WMU) President to Manager for Learning & Development, Mrs. Gabrielle Dolan and four female cadets interviewed at Malaysian Maritime Academy on the top issues and concerns for female cadets– this month’s newsletter celebrates leading women in the maritime industry and those future female cadets brave enough to follow in their foot steps. What these female cadets should know is that the challenges they face today will go a long way towards helping those who follow in their foot steps!

Capt Mazlan writes for GlobalMET again but this time about “luck” having much to do with how ships fare at sea– or at least begs the question; he notes two related collisions and sinkings to one incident affecting another, the result of which is a sunken ship and another whose fate you’ll just have to read about in the newsletter!

This month’s newsletter again has the Engineer giving away all his trade secrets, with more to come! ENGINEERS, TAKE THESE LAST FEW ARTICLES FROM “THE ENGINEER,” BE THANKFUL HE SHARED THEM WITH US, KEEP THEM AS SUCH AND THEN GIVE THEM WIDE DISTRIBUTION! For the young cadets and seafarers reading Chief Engineer Mahendra Singh’s personal engineering watchkeeping practices– I see them more as standing orders (maybe they can be compiled as such?); the more senior engineers may tell you everybody knows that stuff and there’s nothing special, don’t believe it because if there wasn’t they would have shared them with you already!

Even the deck side can learn a lot about what goes on in that engine room, understanding how each other’s actions affect one another. Every seafarer, especially officers, need to develop a routine whereby they get ample rest, stay healthy (eat right and workout) and conduct their professional responsibilities (career, watchkeeping, duties and responsibilities).

Capt Teo writes about an aspiring journey teaching teachers at one of the best institutions in the Philippines!



Well that just about does it! Remember, professional standards are like a “high water mark” and something we as seafarers should aspire to always attain. There has always been a long-standing tradition of professionalism for seafarers worldwide and all of MET in all of their endeavors should do everything in their power to maintain the respect, honor, loyalty, commitment and such high standards as the high water marks refers– it’s just how it’s done!


Thanks in advance!



For the Executive Secretary,



Iman Fiqrie, Lecturer

Malaysia Maritime Academy


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