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Iman Fiqrie

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Being relevant, purposeful and making a supreme difference has always been the hallmark of great leadership, cultures and civilizations that have enjoyed longevity! Longevity has its merits.      Iman Fiqrie


This month, President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the U.S., finalized the first ever comprehensive plan to limit carbon emissions from
power plants- one of the biggest polluters of the environment. It is touted as the most comprehensive Climate Change initiative of its time; the AMERICA’S CLEAN POWER PLAN. “The Clean Power Plan is an historic step in the fight against climate change. It sets flexible and achievable standards to reduce carbon
dioxide emissions by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, while creating tens of thousands of jobs.”

One of the hottest years in over 800,000 years

The President said that 2014 was one of the hottest years on the planet in the last 800,000 years. He goes on to explain that 14 of the last 15 years in this century alone have been some the hottest temperatures on record. Additionally that we
are the first generation to feel the effects of Climate Change and the last that can do something about it! President Obama suggested that although the challenge may seem daunting, nothing is impossible if we work together now. He was also recently the first American President to visit the Arctic. (


Maritime education and training (MET) commitment 

What is MET’s, maritime industry’s and community’s contribution to the fight against Climate Change and Global Warming? How will we meet our commitment or is it someone else’s job to do that? How does MET remain relevant and purposeful in light of Climate Change, Global Warming and economic uncertainty? MET needs get in front of this urgent issue, find the high moral ground and organize around a common vision, mission and strategic outlook as a community that sees itself as relevant, purposeful and ready to make the supreme sacrifice. Even though the money seems king now, this generation is actually borrowing from their grandkids and we know better than that. Money and profit has its place and is not necessarily a bad thing when purpose meets form and function. The only real question is do we have the leadership and resolve to take up these challenges, create the kind of vision and motive force to forge forth a sustainable future for our children and children’s children and deliver on the promise of Climate Change and Global
Warming? Let’s get excited about the President’s initiative, build on it and be the great citizens the creator intended us to be.

We need continued commitment from the maritime community in the form of support, membership, mentors, writers, bloggers and whatever your unique contribution might be, e.g., information sharing and progress on needed initiatives like a comprehensive vision, mission and goals for MET and industry. Let this be a call to action, to include the charterers and companies that push for high transit speeds, quick turnarounds and ever increasing profits; Let’s not give lip service to Climate Change and Global Warming initiatives on the right hand making victory laps and claims of energy efficiency while continuing business as usual on the left hand.

Climate Change initiative

Join President Obama, the U.S., GMET and community in support of this most important Climate Change initiative. Be sure to check out the and Change for more information– see you there!

Thanks in advance!

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