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Rod Short
Executive Secretary


GlobalMET Board of Directors meeting

Last Thursday we had a very good 25th Board of Directors’ meeting at the Singapore Maritime Academy. There was much healthy discussion by all and the impacts of the
decisions taken will become evident over the next few months. Basically we had a good look at the significance of GlobalMET’s role and of how it may be improved.

Establishment of GMET

GlobalMET – the Global Maritime Education and Training Association – was established in 1996 as AMETIAP – the Association of Maritime Education and Training in Asia Pacific – to
promote, develop and support in the spirit of co-operation, the common interests of its members in all matters concerning the  development and quality of maritime education and training. It’s mission is right. Next year it will be 20 years old. It has grown to over 100 members, 70% of which are in Asia Pacific. It is a self funded network. It has achieved a lot – but it can do a lot more.

NGO Observer Status

For example, it has NGO Observer Status at IMO, it participates in meetings and has redrafted model courses and written the new teamwork course for the operations level. It has made a submission for the IMO Strategic Review. The Fisher Report on improving MET in Asia Pacific was initiated at its behest. It is following up the Fisher Report by requesting expressions of support from the maritime safety agencies in Asia Pacific. It is about to facilitate workshops for MET teachers in Philippines. It is organising more seminars in India. It is communicating effectively with its members, these newsletters and the general memos being examples of that.

Adoption of appropriate modern educational methodologies and technologies

The main focus is on encouraging adoption of appropriate modern educational methodologies. The technology in use aboard ships is racing ahead; education and training for using that technology is not. We have inherited and use much that is beneficial and must continue to teach it, but we are also overloaded with material that is outdated and should be cast aside. We must do that.

Addressing the issues

Your directors looked at many possibilities and made a number of decisions that will shape the network to effectively address these issues. Watch this space!


Rod Short
Executive Secretary

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