Highlight: What is your stone?


by Iman Fiqrie


Eilat Stones








Find your stone in life, pick it up, throw it hard and true with all your might, courage and conviction as if your destiny depended on!

The aforementioned was adapted from Cathy Lee Gifford, on the recent passing of your husband the American football Hall of Famer Frank Gifford.

Stone from the City of Eilat: David and Goliath

The idea of the stone is reference to a special stone in the City of Eilat, supposedly picked up and used by David to slay the giant Goliath. It wasn’t so much the act of slaying the giant itself, but rather that David trusted in a higher power and was moved by it to action. What is our stone, special talent or calling in life?

What is your stone?

When we find this special stone that is uniquely us and unleash it, a powerful destiny is right before us that we might otherwise never have known. Find your stone and throw it hard and true.

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