Highlight: How the Talent Development Professional Adds Value to the Organization

by Iman Fiqrie

NL 47 Highlight NTAdding talent value to the organization

The concept of adding value to an organization is what many may call “the
value proposition” and means that the Talent Development Professional
(TDP) ensures, understands and aligns the organization’s mission, vision,
business drivers and the TDP’s own personal values; provides the necessary focus to articulate both short and long term goals; and delivers on the promise of adding value to the bottom line for the organization. The value proposition then, must be articulated to the client in clear terms– they must get the picture and believe it can be done.

Standards of conduct

In order to accomplish this, there must be standards of conduct upon which all things are possible and without which most undertakings end up “bearing little fruit”. The value proposition suggests to the client why they should take your business; e.g., to help enhance the bottom-line. As such, the TDP may find themselves in several roles– e.g., ensuring programs are supportive to the mission and vision, gaining leadership buy-in and
support, and ensuring employee participation.

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