4 Ways Tech Can Enhance, Simplify & Protect Your Small Business

You know that tech can make your personal life easier, but have you thought about how that same tech can make your business a success as well? Small businesses can benefit from a wide array of tech updates, but many entrepreneurs avoid implementing upgrades because they think it’s just too expensive. In reality, though, upgrading your small business tech can be a pretty affordable and simple way to improve your profits and overall business operations. Here are a handful of tech updates to do so. 

Tech That Keeps You Connected to Your Business 24/7

If you want to know what’s going on with your business’s hour-by-hour operations, you should make having a high-performing smartphone a priority. The right smartphone will allow you to stay in touch with employees and customers, manage business operations, and deal with whatever issues come your way. Consider upgrading your smartphone to a newer model like the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which has a ton of capability, machine-learning ability, and a long-lasting battery. If you prefer Android models, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a large screen and improved S pen. 

Tech to Enhance Your Customer’s Experience

These days, customers aren’t just looking for products and services — they are looking for an experience. In fact, according to Forbes, some of the latest and greatest tech products for small businesses aim to alter customers’ experiences for the better and keep these customers invested in their favorite businesses. Large corporations are taking note of these advancements and using them to automate operations and services that ultimately provide more expedient replies to customer demands. Certain software can even able to determine tiny differences between positive and negative experiences so businesses can focus on building more positive relationships with customers. Of course, your small business may not be ready for these major tech advancements, but you can still improve experiences for your customers by updating your checkout systems, or POS tech, to provide faster, easier online and in-store sales. As a bonus, an updated POS can also automate inventory and report processes, which can help you better manage your overhead and labor costs. 

Software to Streamline Your Small Business Operations 

Investing in updated hardware can be a plus for your profits, but using the right software can benefit your operations too. For example, you can begin using enhanced accounting software as an alternate method for tracking inventory or keeping track of business expenses, as well as income. Since you are looking to get the most return on your software investment, you should take your time finding a long-term solution that will easily grow as your business needs grow. You’ll notice that the most comprehensive software packages come at a price, but you have to weigh these costs against the amount of time you could potentially save each day. If budget is a primary concern for your small business, you could also search for free software solutions that could benefit your sales, operations, research, communication, and so much more. Many of these options, such as Insightly and Hootsuite, also offer more advanced services and packages that you can pay to use later if your business needs and budget allows. 

Hardware, Software, and Training to Shield Your Private Data 

If you are an up-and-coming small business that hasn’t taken the steps to secure private data, you could be making a costly mistake. In fact, a data breach due to a lack of online security could cost you the future of your small business. That’s because, according to statistics, over half of all small businesses fail within the first six months after a data breach. Even if your business stays afloat, a data breach or hack could end up costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars to remedy and repair. Despite these high recovery costs, securing business data to prevent attacks can actually be quite affordable. Training your staff to recognize online threats is one of the most important measures you can take and this step requires minimal expense for your small business. Cybersecurity training, such as updating social media policies and helping staff spot potential online scams, can keep your small business from experiencing an expensive breach, but you may also want to hire consultants, especially in IT, to help with training and assist in building layers of protection around your company’s data. 

If you’re like most Americans, you use tech in just about every aspect of your life. Whether it’s scrolling through news feeds over your morning coffee or streaming your favorite shows to wind down at night, the latest technology has transformed how we experience our everyday life. So, start using tech to change your business for the better and improve the success you experience as an entrepreneur. 

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