How to Manage Small Business Stress Without Sacrificing Progress

You pour your heart in soul into your business because you’re dedicated to its success. However, what if we told you that sometimes the best thing for long-term business success is stepping back? As the business owner, your personal health and wellness are integral to your company’s success. If you let your health suffer and stress mount for the sake of your to-do list, it’s only a matter of time before you — and your business — crash and burn.

If you want to avoid total burnout, you need to be mindful about keeping your stress in check and knowing when to give work a rest. Of course, that’s easier said than done. To make it simpler, we’ve compiled this list of four strategies that will help you manage your stress while still achieving your business goals.

Practice Self-Care

Self-care is essential for managing stress, especially when you’re a business owner with a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. When you practice self-care, you don’t just find momentary relief from stress — you also increase your self-esteem, boost your productivity, and even strengthen your immune system.

Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated. You can practice self-care simply by staying active, eating healthy meals throughout your workday, carving out time to connect with friends and family during the week, and

stepping away from work when you feel stress mounting.

Watch Your Time

If work is bleeding out of the office and into your life, you don’t need more hours in the day — you need better time management. To make the most of your time at work, start each day knowing what you need to do, in what order, and how you’ll get it done.

As Business Know-How points out, if you don’t plan your time, you’ll spend all of it putting out fires, getting distracted, or attending to unimportant tasks. No matter which strategy you adopt to manage your time, it’s important to stick with it and create routines for your work.

Outsource Busy Work

Is administrative work like answering emails and phone calls, scheduling appointments, and booking travel eating up too much of your time? If you’re spending your own time on busy work like this, you’re wasting money.

Rather than doing administrative work yourself, hire staff or a virtual assistant who can handle this work for you. Since the average wage for an administrative assistant is $15.50 an hour, you’ll spend less paying someone else to do the work than you would paying yourself.

Outsource Skilled Work

You can’t be an expert at everything. When it comes to skilled work that’s outside of your domain, you’re better off hiring it out. This includes jobs like accounting, marketing, running your blog and social media accounts, and managing human resources.

If you try to do these jobs yourself, you’ll use a lot of time that’s probably better spent elsewhere. And since it’s not your area of expertise, the results might not be up to your standards. By hiring someone experienced in the task, you spare yourself the headache and achieve higher-quality results. Thankfully, the rise of the gig economy has made it possible to hire freelancers to complete many skilled business tasks without taking on a full-time employee. Konsus lists a wide variety of websites where you can find freelancers for your small business.
If you keep your stress in check while running a small business, you’ll discover why entrepreneurs consistently find their work more rewarding than people in traditional jobs. If you don’t, you could face burnout that threatens your company’s success and your own health. Make stress management a priority so you can achieve what you’ve been working so hard for.

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