Life After Amazon Web Services

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by William E Hamilton@Iman Fiqrie



Life used to be good before the lockout!

It’s been about 3 months since I last posted on this website– I never gave up hope or thought it wouldn’t ever happen again, but at times I became quite concerned!

Here’s what happened. In July sometime, not quite sure exactly when, however, or exactly what happened, but one day I tried to access my Godaddy account like I’ve done nearly every day for the past 4 or 5 years– through the front page and menu where I could see most, if not all of my account features, information, and status. I was locked out like a teenager coming home late from the prom dance and told that I had to verify access with two-step verification– Google I assume. When I encountered a problem with verification and tried to call support as I also had done many times before– this time was different! It was if I had the plagued or was now a convicted felon– a pariah!

The Twilight Zone: Episode Godaddy and Two-step Verification

There was a procedure and a form to fill out to “straighten it all out”– but in my case it didn’t work! It involved responding to the inquiry from the email address that you applied for two-step verification in the first place. That could be a problem if you have many email addresses, aliases and such. And, it didn’t matter with whom I spoke with or what I said– nothing worked. 🙁  I felt like I was stuck in one of those old Twilight Zone episodes with Rod Serling and all the crazy music in the background, listen below.

I don’t recall signing up for it on my Godaddy account, but none-the-less, it was upon me.


I still had limited minimal VPS root access on the back-end which meant I could do a few things like save, zip and transfer files and folders for preparation to move somewhere else, but where? Amazon Web Services (AWS) was offering a deal where you could use something called a “micro-instance” for a year for free; “Free Tier” as they called it.

Proficiency in Webhosting a must

At this point on my Virtual Private Server (VPS) I was past the Intermediate proficiency stage as an Administrator but hesitated to call myself an advanced user. To get there, I first had a “Shared Hosting” account for about 2 years until feeling confident enough to upgrade to VPS Hosting. Much of that courage comes from a place of frustration at not being able to do a lot creating or development on Shared Hosting; it’s that way by design (Shared Hosting) as you don’t have “root” access (root access is like I’m the house owner and do what I want) and as any developer knows– if you don’t have root access, you don’t have anything let alone can call yourself a developer. So that switch to VPS was more out of necessity than it was bravery or skill-set. You pretty much have to just jump in the water or jump off a cliff and fly– there’s no other way. You are ready when it’s time! But, I think you do have to do your 1 1/2 to 2 years on Shared Hosting; develop a solid foundation in web hosting.

I think another 1 1/2 or 2 years on VPS (like an Apprenticeship) and you’re ready for something bigger– I would call you a “Journeymen” at this point; a license to create, develop and innovate  AWS just happened to be there when Godaddy kicked me out of my own rental (web hosting rental).

Amazon Web Services

AWS Web Services

When you first log onto AWS webpage it is indeed daunting! Services, Products and more than meets the eye; where to start? My motivation was different, I had no home anymore and had to move. Without such motivation, it’s easy to stay where you’re at, especially since you don’t know what you don’t know on AWS.

Conclusion, at least for now

I intend to write two or three series on this topic, but for now– get some background about AWS; e.g., understand what the cloud means; AWS Global Infrastructure, regions, zones and subnets; the types of services one can get in those regions as it does matter later on; read up on Software as Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service (not too much); go to Youtube, AWS Educate; and finally create your first instance. Start here

Although it’s tempting to just jump right in given, for example, my 4 – 5 year experience with both Shared and VPS Hosting– read first, or as my father used to say, “measure twice, cut once”! Until next blog post, thanks for reading.

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