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Society for Human Resource Management...

SHRM Membership

Progress in the product; CPLP recertification due before October (60 recertification points, maybe 45 this year), Ph.D in progress (2021), working the English as Foreign Language (EFL) advanced certification (2019) after finishing the Premier TEFL Young Learners Certification, and just became a member of the Society for Human Resource Management in preparation for the SHRM […]

What is Competence and or Competency?

NL 53 What is Competence and or Competency? By Capt. Richard Teo FNI FCILT MAICD n the last issue of this Newsletter, a summary of the Crew Connect 2015 presentation on “Managing the Learning Environment” expressed the views of the audience, prompted by presenters, Paul Russel, Glenys Jackson and Richard Teo. What was most apparent was […]

The Key to Success for Engineers – Pa...

NL 52 Continuation from NL 51 The Keys to Success for Engineers – Part 2   Chief Engineer Mahendra Singh

UK Chamber: Yachts Need Professional ...

NL 51 UK Chamber peaking at the event, hosted by the International Hydrographic Association, Mr Platten argued that yachting was a vital part of the ‘maritime family’, and how the sector should work evermore closely with the UK Chamber. He said: “We are one maritime family. Whoever you are, whether you own the smallest yacht […]

GlobalMET-TKF Continuing Professional...

NL 50 CBETA by Capt Richard Teo Executive Summary lobalMET negotiated with TK Foundation for a further grant to provide a series of Continuing Professional Development to maritime professionals in the Asia Pacific in 2015-2016.

Coaching through Toastmasters Interna...

NL49 by Iman Fiqrie, Lecturer, Malaysia Maritime Academy Figure 1 District 51 Malaysia Toastmasters’ Mission Toastmasters International builds character, communicators and leaders I often ask newsletter readers what can be done to help further MET, myself I really believe one such solution are organizations like Toastmasters International (TM), an outstanding example of the kind of […]

Making Careers at Sea More Attractive

Making Careers at Sea More Attractive

NL 48 Making careers at sea more attractive Careers at sea in decline in some countries n many countries and particularly in the West, the popularity of seafaring as a career option has been in decline. A Drewry report that was released this week highlighted that shipping will require an additional 42,500 officers by 2019. While the report’s […]

The Training of Bridge Officers

The Training of Bridge Officers

  NL 48 Bridge Officers Captain John Rose ExC, LLM, FNI Director (Maritime Training of Bridge Officers he training of bridge officers has been questioned by the UK’s Confidential Reporting Programme for Aviation and Maritime (CHIRP) after receiving confidential reports about incidents at sea. Questions of Competency of Bridge Officers “A report we have received related to very […]

On Leadership and Management Developm...

On Leadership and Management Development & Training for Sea-Going Officers

NL 47 On Leadership By Capt. Richard Teo FNI FCILT MAICD Leadership management for officers uch has been debated about the need for officers to have leadership and management skills. In a rather confused and make-shift way, this basic competence or skills set have made its way into the STCW code at operational level. It is now being promoted […]