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Concepts on Competency and Human Perf...

NL57 Concepts HPI Iman Fiqrie@William E Hamilton Lecturer, Malaysian Maritime Academy, CPLP, MBA, BS, AA, ACB, CL hange disrupts the status quo…breaks momentum and continuity in organizations, processes and performers…[c] hange shocks… out of a comfortable place…moves one [to] discomfort” (ASTD 2013). Figure 1 – Human Performance Improvement (HPI) Model The Competency Dilemma Revisited Last […]

Reconnecting to those Days of Glory: ...

Reconnecting to those Days of Glory: from Niagara Falls to Maritime Education and Training

Iman Fiqrie NL 47 Reconnecting to those days of glory By Iman Fiqrie Bin Muhammad (LCDR, USN ret) Lecturer, Malaysian Maritime Academy According to the State of Shipping Industry and Forward Looking Perspectives, “The world needs daring and decisive political leadership”. Niagara Falls, New York ecently, I was on a well deserved vacation back to […]