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GlobalMET and The Living Blue Planet ...

NL 52 GlobalMet and the Living Blue Planet 2015 Lecturer, Malaysian Maritime Academy   Bon Fire of the Earth, courtesy of Global Warming. Digital image Facebook The World Climate Change Conference and Living Blue Planet The Living Blue Planet; At the World Climate Change Conference 2015 in Paris on 30 November 2015, Prince Charles was […]

Highlight: What is your stone?

Highlight: What is your stone?

NL49 by Iman Fiqrie                 The aforementioned was adapted from Cathy Lee Gifford, on the recent passing of your husband the American football Hall of Famer Frank Gifford. Stone from the City of Eilat: David and Goliath The idea of the stone is reference to a special stone […]

Reconnecting to those Days of Glory: ...

Reconnecting to those Days of Glory: from Niagara Falls to Maritime Education and Training

Iman Fiqrie NL 47 Reconnecting to those days of glory By Iman Fiqrie Bin Muhammad (LCDR, USN ret) Lecturer, Malaysian Maritime Academy According to the State of Shipping Industry and Forward Looking Perspectives, “The world needs daring and decisive political leadership”. Niagara Falls, New York ecently, I was on a well deserved vacation back to […]