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Must Know Learning Theories for Train...

NL59 HL by Iman Fiqrie@William E Hamilton (LCDR USN, ret), CPLP, MBA, BS, AA, ACB, CL hether facilitators like it or not, think it’s too much to learn or “don’t have the time for it” – it’s essential they have more than a working knowledge of learning theories as these are the tools that may […]

Highlight: What is your stone?

Highlight: What is your stone?

NL49 by Iman Fiqrie                 The aforementioned was adapted from Cathy Lee Gifford, on the recent passing of your husband the American football Hall of Famer Frank Gifford. Stone from the City of Eilat: David and Goliath The idea of the stone is reference to a special stone […]

Highlight: AIS assisted buoys and Vir...

Highlight: AIS assisted buoys and Virtual Navigation Aids

By Iman Fiqrie Automatic Identification System Aids to Navigation (AIS ATON) Captain Yashwant Chhabra, has written a couple articles for the newsletter on the Prevention of Collisions and has shared some materials condensed and highlighted here. In an article posted on the gCaptain website in February 2014, Captain Madden, spoke of the AIS assisted buoys […]