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Multicultural Education is Important ...

NL 51 Multi-Cultural Education by Capt Sivanandan Vivekanadan Senior Lecturer, Malaysian Maritime Academy he purpose of this article is to share my experiences in multicultural environments in the hopes of facilitating a more civil, multicultural and moral seafaring community that works for the common good of the industry. Multicultural Education and Respect

Make Yourself Comfortable with the &#...

NL 51 the “F” Word by Capt M H Hamzah, Senior Lecturer Advanced Nautical Studies, Malaysian Maritime Academy ’m not going to my grave with grudges! That is a promise I made to myself upon returning from a funeral of a former shipmate. Ship operations are a team effort. Each and every member contributes to […]

SRI Releases New Film on Criminalizat...

SRI Releases New Film on Criminalization of Seafarers

NL49 Criminalization of Seafarers awareness Raising awareness of the risks of seafarers facing criminal charges Seafarers’ Rights International (SRI) has released a short, informative film commissioned by the International Transport Workers’ Federation aimed at raising awareness of the risks of seafarers facing criminal charges as a consequence of their professional activities, and the actions they can take to protect […]

Highlight: What is your stone?

Highlight: What is your stone?

NL49 by Iman Fiqrie                 The aforementioned was adapted from Cathy Lee Gifford, on the recent passing of your husband the American football Hall of Famer Frank Gifford. Stone from the City of Eilat: David and Goliath The idea of the stone is reference to a special stone […]

Human Error: A Stubborn Problem

Human Error: A Stubborn Problem

U.K. Chamber of Shipping Ninety percent of World Trade carried by sea Shipping industry statistics state that around 90 percent of world trade is carried by sea. Key sea lanes are already busy and as world economies expand, the number and size of ships trading internationally, currently 50,000 vessels, will increase. The natural hazards of being at sea remain […]