The Capitalist Economic Model vs Corporate Social Responsibility


William E Hamilton@Iman Fiqrie


Flawed Ideals in Capitalism

One of the flawed issues and nails in the coffin of the capitalist economic model as we know it today (not 100 years ago) might be that the premise of this model relies on two things; one on utilitarian social benefits resulting from profits gained by the corporation and the other based on maximizing profits for the individual rights of stockholders. Agree?

A Nod to the Ancients, Aristotle, and Kantian Theory

A closer examination and reference to the ancients, Aristotle, Kantian theory, etc– is that the former (utilitarian social benefit) negates the latter (maximizing of profits). This is also solidified in case law and by precedent. That is to say, social benefits, (i.e., utilitarian benefits) implies all or equal and not just the individual stockholders by very definition.

The Truth Revealed, the Model is Flawed

  Using Kantian logic and theory, therefore, there can be no contradiction in what the utilitarian moral obligation of social benefits are and the express intent of maximizing profits for individual stockholders. As, social benefits as described is the judgement made and is true—therefore, there can be no contradiction for judgement must be all, true for all, or there is no truth and thus, the economic model must be false! Further, if it were true, how come so many businesses fail on a regular basis regardless of the efforts of managers to fulfill the second imperative of maximizing profits?


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