From Ethics and Moral Leadership to For-Profits, Non-Profits, and Philanthropy

This is part II of the discussion on ethics, values and moral leadership and the last of this business ethics series. The focus in on corporate social responsibility, for-profits, non-profits, and philanthropy’s ability to do both good and do well. Future topics will focus on the “corporate learning imperative”, on understanding the core competences and capabilities of the organization in the context of a dynamic business environment and continually evolving strategy. I am, therefore, reminded of two quotations from Peter Drucker in an article by Gore (2015), “Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch” and “What Gets Measured Gets Improved”. Gore. (2015). Culture eats strategy for lunch – Famous Peter Drucker Quotes. Retrieved from

From Ethics, values, and Moral Leadership to For-profits , Non-profits and Philanthropy

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