Essential Social Skills for Americans as Global Citizens

by William E Hamilton

Social skills should be an essential facet of the American educational system and society. Maybe most visibly in schools, colleges, and communities across these United States. Recent Census Bureau information project that by 2042 people of color will surpass their UNITED STATES white equivalents, nearly ten years ahead of previous projections. By 2023, children of color under 18 will be the majority. There are still historical and systemic socioeconomic disparities. Still, the time has come to communicate across culture, race, and gender for a new understanding and meaning of what culture in American should mean and not just from a purely white or black point of view. When the true conversations start and both parties can hear one another and negotiate together new understanding and meaning– Americans can begin to see their potential in an even greater capacity as leaders in global citizenship for the good of humanity. Just a thought!

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