Psychology of Leadership: Theory and Practice

by William E Hamilton
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Mature CEO

Mature politician making report at session or summit

This article is an experiment of mixing popular magazine styles with traditional research design*. Who knows? Three pages (popular magazine style) in this new style take the place of the traditional one page research paper cover sheet. Besides the cover sheet(s), the paper is essentially an intact real research paper with abstract and regular heavy stuff; sometimes unreadable to many. That is way this format was born out of the need to use online e-portfolios like Portfolium where the idea is to get employers and colleagues to read the application of program outcomes, business outcomes, strategy outcomes, etc. The three page cover, content, and editorial entices individuals to at least read these pages and possibly continue to read the normally heavy research content afterwards. The full Portfolium sample of how it can be used is linked here. Let me know what you think.

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