SEO Optimization and Customer Value Proposition

by William E Hamilton,
Certified Professional in Learning Performance (CPLP)

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

SEO Optimization and the Customer Value Proposition

As a business person with online interests, I’m very interested in whether my potential customers got what information they intended to get or not when and if they get to my site, i.e., have I done the job with my content of SEO Optimization (Search Engine Optimization). I’m also interested in what’s called the customer value proposition, see blog article on Adding Value to the Business. If I’m listening to the customer and understand the customer segment of my business model, then I get the eventual “session” (a hit on my website from an internet search) on my website and possible sale because that proposition answered the mail!

SEO services and SEO Optimization

The search engines are trying to ensure the those doing searches get the information they’re searching for and not necessarily your keywords. New changes and innovations such as Google’s Hummingbird Algorithm for searches online are doing just that. They are not just interested in providing SEO services, they check your content and ensure that searchers get what they came for. So no matter what online bots, new search technology, VR, AI or what have you they come up with in the future to combat keyword stuffing, as long as your objective is to write good content and ensure the customer gets the information they needed and not just stuffing keywords and META Data, the session is yours, bounce rate lower, returns more frequent.

Online SEO Optimization key points and model

Online businesses must think about these 5 practices; eCommerce, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, Information, and Branding. This article does not cover all these, maybe future articles will cover this important material.

As a business concerned with the customer value proposition, it used to be very difficult to “segment the market”. It seemed more like magic and mystery to try and answer the question– who is my customer, where are they from, their habits, what are they looking for and can I fulfill their needs. What is the market and am I in the right market(s)– selling the right things? Google Analytics and Adwords (Keyword Planner) are a must for this, as well as Google Search Console (former Google Webmaster Tools), Bing Webmaster Tools, etc., all can potentially help business owners answer that age old question– who is the customer?

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