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Untangling the Competence Dilemma

NL57 UCD Capt Richard Teo FNI FCILT MAICD Continues from previous issue Employability Skills [one_half last=”no”] Delivery of Training Programmes Having discussed some of the principles that govern competency based approach to learning, we now address the key learning process.

Concepts on Competency and Human Perf...

NL57 Concepts HPI Iman Fiqrie@William E Hamilton Lecturer, Malaysian Maritime Academy, CPLP, MBA, BS, AA, ACB, CL [one_half last=”no”][dropcap]C[/dropcap]hange disrupts the status quo…breaks momentum and continuity in organizations, processes and performers…[c] hange shocks… out of a comfortable place…moves one [to] discomfort” (ASTD 2013). Figure 1 – Human Performance Improvement (HPI) Model The Competency Dilemma Revisited […]

Highlight – Facilitator Self Ch...

NL57 HIF by Iman Fiqrie, Lecturer, Malaysian Maritime Academy CPLP, MBA, BS, AA, ACB, CL [dropcap]F[/dropcap]acilitator Self Check ● Am I giving people equal time? ● Am I helping people feel safe enough to participate? ● Am I helping people who tend to dominate allow other people to speak? ● Am I avoiding choosing sides? […]

BOD Meets in Hong Kong

NL 56 BOD HK [one_half last=”no”] [dropcap]S[/dropcap]ix directors participated in the very good meeting in Hong Kong on 8 April. Capt Chawla of Anglo-Eastern Univan provided the venue but, on the day of the meeting, he was in New Delhi. He was able to actively participate through online communication and a large screen. Apologies were […]

Building GlobalMET

NL 56 Building GMET Capt Rod Short Executive Secretary [one_half last=”no”][dropcap]T[/dropcap]his year, GlobalME T will have been in existence for 20 years. It was formed at Hong Kong Polytechnic University in September 1996. This was an initiative taken while I was Principal of the Australian Maritime College, with access to the AUD 250,000 provided by […]

Untangling the Competence Dilemma pt ...

NL 56 Dilemma Capt. Richard Teo FNI FCILT MAICD [one_half last=”no”]Continued from previous issue… [dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat is competency-based training and assessment? Competency-based training is an adult learning methodology based on the action-reflective-learning (ARL)approach where emphasis is placed on what a learner “can do well and effectively” or praxis in the workplace as a result of their […]

Can a Pious Entrepreneur Compete in T...

NL56 Pious Capt Sivanadan Vivekanandan Senior Lecturer, Malaysian Maritime Academy [one_half last=”no”] The Pious Entrepreneur: The Struggle The struggle between the pursuit of material interest and adherence to moral values is the perennial problem of human existence and to put moral precepts into practice constitutes another central issue in business ethics (Tak, S. C., & […]

Highlight on Copyright and Fair Use i...

NL 56 Iman Fiqrie When developing learning materials, it is important to understand at least the basics of copyright law. Although it varies from country to country, in the United States, copyright of printed matter is governed by Title 17 of the United States Code. Of particular importance to learning developers is fair use, noted […]

Evolution Aspects in the Marine Simul...

Evolution Aspects in the Marine Simulator Domain

NL 56 Prof. Capt Stephen Cross [one_half last=”no”][dropcap]T[/dropcap]he progress in the electronics industry has strongly influenced the development and application of simulators for specific marine related training objectives. More, and different, types of simulators are becoming available to a wider group of users as a basis for the quality training requirement.

Good Night Malaysia 370

NL 56 Mr. Chong Chee Wah Malaysian Maritime Academy [one_half last=”no”]Preface This article was written with the intention of learning from the MH370 disappearance such that we hope that it will not happen to a merchant marine vessel. Most of the facts of the incidents were extracted from the “FACTUAL INFORMATION – SAFETY INVESTIGATION FOR […]

The United Nations Sustainable Develo...

UN 2030 Goals

NL55 The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 by Iman Fiqrie@William E Hamilton, Lecturer, Malaysian Maritime Academy [one_half last=”no”][dropcap]S[/dropcap]eems a bit odd to be talking about sustainable development in a maritime article doesn’t it? Actually, not really—just the same, many global citizens and mariners may need to do a little soul searching, rethinking and strengthening of […]

Work Life Balance


NL55 Work-Life Balance by Capt Sivanandan   [one_half last=”no”][dropcap]T[/dropcap]he purpose of today’s article is to try and share some thoughts on the work-life balance problem most working people have to deal with in the hopes of shedding some light on a life filled with quality, purpose and sustenance. Work life balance receiving extensive publicity The issue […]

Asia Maritime Accident Report 2015

Marina Baru 2B

NL55 Asia Accident Report 2015 by Capt Francis Lansakara FNI LLM (specialist maritime law) [one_half last=”no”][dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen the European Union is trying to find a solution to thousands of maritime casualties from refugee boats, the Asian countries face a different scenario from safety breaches of passenger ferries, specially those cruising within inland and coastal waters. The […]

The Problem with Maritime Shipping To...

NL 54 The Problem with Maritime Shipping Today! [one_half last=”no”] Maritime Shipping registered vessel losses, 1997 and 2011

The Payment Pebble and Payment Pebble...

Payment Pebble

NL 54 Technical Highlight The Payment Pebble and Payment Pebble Handset by Iman Fiqrie @ William E Hamilton [one_half last=”no”] Payment Pebble for SMART Phones We’re all witnessed to the fact that technology is happening at a faster pace than ever before, while we want to make those purchases online – security is an important […]

Invigilator: An Unappreciated and Dim...

Invigilator: An Unappreciated and Diminishing Role

NL 54 Invigilator: AN Unappreciated and Diminishing Role   [one_half last=”no”] [stbpro id=”block” bwidth=”5″ color=”F0FF21″ bcolor=”260000″ bgcolor=”2D7A49″ bgcolorto=”7CFF5C” image=”null”]Love what you do and do what you love – Ray Bradbury[/stbpro] Introducing the invigilator Have you ever encountered a situation on an airplane that the person sitting beside you introduces themselves as an invigilator? Maybe an artist, […]

Marine Simulators – A Brief Des...

NL 53 Marine Simulators – A Brief Description [one_half last=”no”] Figure 1. Liquid Cargo Simulator [dropcap]I[/dropcap]n GlobalMET Newsletter No. 50, I shared ALAM’s experience with Engine Room Simulators (ERS) from ALAM’s beginnings which included some introductory material on ERS as well. In this newsletter, what I would like to do is to discuss more on […]

What is Competence and or Competency?

NL 53 What is Competence and or Competency? By Capt. Richard Teo FNI FCILT MAICD [one_half last=”no”][dropcap]I[/dropcap]n the last issue of this Newsletter, a summary of the Crew Connect 2015 presentation on “Managing the Learning Environment” expressed the views of the audience, prompted by presenters, Paul Russel, Glenys Jackson and Richard Teo. What was most apparent […]

Training not Required!

Computer Based Training

NL 53 HIGHLIGHT by Iman Fiqrie [one_third last=”no”][dropcap]T[/dropcap]hings not going so well in your organization? Performance improvement (HPI) an issue? Research indicates that more than 80 percent of performance problems are not caused by a lack of skills or knowledge at the process or organizational level, i.e., training is not required (ASTD). HPI encompasses many […]

Maritime Labor Convention 2006

NL 53 Maritime Labor Convention 2006               [dropcap]S[/dropcap]ome points to avoid getting a non conformity or an observation during inspection. 1. These days the authorities are very keen on checking Excel sheets recording the hours of work and hours of rest. We must take into account provisions of STCW 2010 […]

GlobalMET and The Living Blue Planet ...

NL 52 GlobalMet and the Living Blue Planet 2015 Lecturer, Malaysian Maritime Academy   [stbpro id=”block” bwidth=”5″ color=”F2FF38″ bcolor=”333333″ bgcolor=”4133FF” bgcolorto=”30FFE3″ image=”null”]“Courage is the most important of all virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently” – Maya Angelou[/stbpro] [one_half last=”no”] Bon Fire of the Earth, courtesy of Global Warming. Digital image […]

The Key to Success for Engineers – Pa...

NL 52 Continuation from NL 51 The Keys to Success for Engineers – Part 2   Chief Engineer Mahendra Singh [one_half last=”no”]Key to success as an Engineer We also need to look after the steering gear, windlass, mooring winches, the hatch hydraulics and deck air compressor. Keeping hydraulic system oil in good condition is the […]

Common Classroom Problems when Teachi...


NL 52 Common Classroom Problems [one_half last=”no”][dropcap]I[/dropcap] am a lecturer at Malaysian Maritime Academy Sdn. Bhd. (Academy Laut Malaysia) and teach Meteorology, Cargo Work, Seamanship and Collision Regulations at Sea. This article suggests that all lecturers have experienced some classroom or other problematic situation before in class.

Loss of Ship El Faro – Time Lin...

El Faro Buoy

NL 52 Loss of ship El Faro   Master Mariner. LLM (London) specialist in shipping law [one_half last=”no”] The loss of ship El Faro [dropcap]E[/dropcap]l Faro was a Roll on Roll off ship (a ship designed to carry vehicles or wheel base cargo) built 40 years ago flying USA flag and maintained under the classification […]

Comments from Dr Swapan Das Sarma, Gl...

Comments from Dr Swapan Das Sarma, GlobalMET Director

NL 52 Swapan Das Sarma, Ph.D. President, American Digital University, Inc. [one_half last=”no”]1. [dropcap]Y[/dropcap]our views on current Maritime HR challenges: This will differ from one country to other. For India, the challenge is in the areas of recruitment where the quality standards vary widely across the MET institutions. The other area is the need for timely […]

Multicultural Education is Important ...

NL 51 Multi-Cultural Education by Capt Sivanandan Vivekanadan Senior Lecturer, Malaysian Maritime Academy [one_half last=”no”] [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he purpose of this article is to share my experiences in multicultural environments in the hopes of facilitating a more civil, multicultural and moral seafaring community that works for the common good of the industry. Multicultural Education and Respect

Make Yourself Comfortable with the &#...

NL 51 the “F” Word by Capt M H Hamzah, Senior Lecturer Advanced Nautical Studies, Malaysian Maritime Academy [stbpro id=”block” bwidth=”5″ color=”F9FF3D” bcolor=”191919″ bgcolor=”425BFF” image=”null”]“Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.” Paul Boese[/stbpro] [one_half last=”no”] [dropcap]I[/dropcap]’m not going to my grave with grudges! That is a promise I made to […]

UK Chamber: Yachts Need Professional ...

NL 51 UK Chamber [stbpro id=”block” bwidth=”5″ color=”F8FF29″ bcolor=”1F1F1F” bgcolor=”317CBD” bgcolorto=”C785F2″ image=”null”]Ensuring seafarers of the superyacht sector have appropriate certification[/stbpro] [one_half last=”no”][dropcap]S[/dropcap]peaking at the event, hosted by the International Hydrographic Association, Mr Platten argued that yachting was a vital part of the ‘maritime family’, and how the sector should work evermore closely with the UK […]

GlobalMET-TKF Continuing Professional...

NL 50 CBETA by Capt Richard Teo [one_half last=”no”]Executive Summary [dropcap]G[/dropcap]lobalMET negotiated with TK Foundation for a further grant to provide a series of Continuing Professional Development to maritime professionals in the Asia Pacific in 2015-2016.

Can Company Strategies Enhance Compet...

Can Company Strategies Enhance Competence?

NL 50 [one_half last=”no”][dropcap]O[/dropcap]n World Maritime Day, Captain Pradeep Chawla, Managing Director, QHSE & Training, Anglo-Eastern Ship Management, spoke about seafarer training and how it enhances competence at one of the IMO events in London: Competence is generally defined as “the ability to do something successfully or efficiently.” It is generally accepted that both knowledge […]