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Proud Mariner

NL49               Editorial highlighting a number of interesting articles This month’s newsletter 49 finds a number of interesting articles and highlights; collision regulation loss prevention placards; Automatic Identification System (AIS) Aids to Navigation (ATON), AIS ATON (AIS Buoys); Virtual AIS ATON; marine safety investigation involving the collision between Kota Wajar and the yacht Blazing Keel […]

SRI Releases New Film on Criminalizat...

SRI Releases New Film on Criminalization of Seafarers

NL49 Criminalization of Seafarers awareness Raising awareness of the risks of seafarers facing criminal charges Seafarers’ Rights International (SRI) has released a short, informative film commissioned by the International Transport Workers’ Federation aimed at raising awareness of the risks of seafarers facing criminal charges as a consequence of their professional activities, and the actions they can take to protect […]

Coaching through Toastmasters Interna...

NL49 by Iman Fiqrie, Lecturer, Malaysia Maritime Academy Figure 1 District 51 Malaysia Toastmasters’ Mission Toastmasters International builds character, communicators and leaders I often ask newsletter readers what can be done to help further MET, myself I really believe one such solution are organizations like Toastmasters International (TM), an outstanding example of the kind of […]

Inmarsat Joins Autonomous Ship Projec...

Inmarsat Joins Autonomous Ship Project

NL49 Autonomous Ship Project Global satellite communications provider Inmarsat has joined the Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications Initiative (AAWA) recently launched by Rolls-Royce The project, funded by Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation), will bring industry partners together with universities, research institutes, ship owners and other stakeholders to explore the economic, social, legal, regulatory and technological factors which need to be […]


NL49 OSV FOR THE OIL & GAS INDUSTRY By: Capt. Ng Yew Hong Date: 01st September 2015 The myth of obtaining C.O.C. The general myth is that when a seafarer finally passes his C.O.C. Class 1 (it is an acronym for Certificate Of Competency Class 1), it signifies the highest academic achievement for education and […]

Highlight: What is your stone?

Highlight: What is your stone?

NL49 by Iman Fiqrie                 The aforementioned was adapted from Cathy Lee Gifford, on the recent passing of your husband the American football Hall of Famer Frank Gifford. Stone from the City of Eilat: David and Goliath The idea of the stone is reference to a special stone […]

Grounding Report Commodore Clipper: E...

Grounding Report Commodore Clipper: ECDIS Alarm Disabled

NL49 in ballast tank of Commodore Clipper, courtesy MAIB. By MarEx 2015-08-09 17:00:10 Grounding of Commodore Clipper The U.K. Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has released its investigation into the grounding and flooding of the ro-ro ferry Commodore Clipper in July 2014, citing passage planning problems and ineffective use of ECDIS as contributing factors. The […]

Safety climate (republished)

Capt Mazlan

By, Captain M.H.Hamzah Senior lecturer, Advanced Nautical Studies Dept, Malaysian Maritime Academy (ALAM) Safety climate at sea high risk Why do people still go to sea knowing that it is a high risk environment; the sea is unforgiving. The risk to life at sea is real. The loss of all life except one, the cook; on […]

Highlight: AIS assisted buoys and Vir...

Highlight: AIS assisted buoys and Virtual Navigation Aids

By Iman Fiqrie Automatic Identification System Aids to Navigation (AIS ATON) Captain Yashwant Chhabra, has written a couple articles for the newsletter on the Prevention of Collisions and has shared some materials condensed and highlighted here. In an article posted on the gCaptain website in February 2014, Captain Madden, spoke of the AIS assisted buoys […]

New Collision Regulations Loss Preven...

New Collision Regulations Loss Prevention Placards

NL49 03 Aug 15 – 14:55 West of England P&I – Loss Prevention Placards Two new placards have been added to the West of England Club’s Collision Regulations series of Loss Prevention placards. The new placards remind deck officers of the application of two of the principal Steering and Sailing Rules which apply to vessels […]

Marine safety investigations & r...

Marine safety investigations & reports

NL49 Collision between Kota Wajar and the yacht Blazing Keel, Moreton Bay, Queensland on 6 July 2014 Investigation number: 311-MO-2014-006 Marine safety investigations: What happened? At about 0419 on 6 July 2014, in clear visibility, the container ship Kota Wajar collided with the yacht Blazing Keel in Moreton Bay. The ship was southbound in the […]

Subantartic Polar Circumpolar Current

Subantartic Polar Circumpolar Current

  NL49 Origin of the Antartic Circumpolar Current he Antarctic Circumpolar Current originated around 30 million years ago, according to new estimates emanating from the University of South Carolina. The current, which encircles Antarctica with a constant eastward flow in the Southern Ocean, formed after the tectonic opening of a deep-water channel in the Tasmanian […]



Over the past few days subscribers may have noticed what is called 503 or 443 errors on the site. The problem was temporary and isolated to Buddy Press or the Plugin that tracks Users, Activities and Groups. I am still troubleshooting but it looks like the Group function may have crashed the site as there […]