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Reconnecting to those Days of Glory: ...

Reconnecting to those Days of Glory: from Niagara Falls to Maritime Education and Training

Iman Fiqrie NL 47 Reconnecting to those days of glory By Iman Fiqrie Bin Muhammad (LCDR, USN ret) Lecturer, Malaysian Maritime Academy According to the State of Shipping Industry and Forward Looking Perspectives, “The world needs daring and decisive political leadership”. Niagara Falls, New York ecently, I was on a well deserved vacation back to […]

On Leadership and Management Developm...

On Leadership and Management Development & Training for Sea-Going Officers

NL 47 On Leadership By Capt. Richard Teo FNI FCILT MAICD Leadership management for officers uch has been debated about the need for officers to have leadership and management skills. In a rather confused and make-shift way, this basic competence or skills set have made its way into the STCW code at operational level. It is now being promoted […]

Highlight: Technical Highlight: Googl...

Highlight: Technical Highlight: Google Chromecast and mobile computing

NL 47 Google Chromecast by Iman Fiqrie Lecturer, Malaysian Maritime Academy Smart Phone as a projector eed to make a presentation and don’t have a projector? Have a large screen display TV and a Smart Phone? On the move, travel a lot and can’t carry a large amount of weight or computer equipment because of travel weight […]

Marine Incinerators

Marine Incinerators

NL 47 Incinerators By Mahendra Singh Chief Engineer Incinerators burn off sludge e use incinerators on board ships for burning off the sludge, oily rags, paper and cardboard. The important associates of the incinerators are the waste oil tanks where we evaporate the water content by opening steam to the coils of these tanks. Important checks It is important […]

Highlight: How the Talent Development...

Highlight: How the Talent Development Professional Adds Value to the Organization

by Iman Fiqrie Adding talent value to the organization he concept of adding value to an organization is what many may call “the value proposition” and means that the Talent Development Professional (TDP) ensures, understands and aligns the organization’s mission, vision, business drivers and the TDP’s own personal values; provides the necessary focus to articulate both […]

On Seafaring, Maritime Education and ...

On Seafaring, Maritime Education and Industry

NL 47 On Seafaring By Iman Fiqrie Bin Muhammad (LCDR, USN ret) Dedication to seafaring men and women his article is dedicated to the hardworking seafaring men and women who go to sea all round the world every day. Thank you! Maritime education lecturer shipboard attachment The inspiration for this article came about as a […]

Report on the IMLA’ 23 Conferen...

Report on the IMLA’ 23 Conference

NL 47 IMLA By David Wolfaardt Training Manager, SAMTRA Introduction The International Maritime Lecturers’ Association (IMLA)  he International Maritime Lecturers’ Association (IMLA) is an international forum aimed at promoting contact and cooperation between Maritime Lecturers of all disciplines and to develop a body of professional expertise. Teachers and other interested parties from all over the world dedicated to mediating in […]

Continuous professional development f...

Continuous professional development for mariners

NL 47 professional development Continuous Professional Development for Mariners



NL 46 Editorial Rod Short Executive Secretary Editorial GlobalMET Board of Directors meeting Last Thursday we had a very good 25th Board of Directors’ meeting at the Singapore Maritime Academy. There was much healthy discussion by all and the impacts of the decisions taken will become evident over the next few months. Basically we had a good […]

GlobalMET Continuous Professional Dev...

GlobalMET Continuous Professional Development Workshop, Manila July 20 to 24, 2015

NL 46 CPD By Capt. Richard Teo FNI FCILT MAICD Outcome Based Education and Competency Based Learning, Education, Training and Assessment The workshop will develop facilitator competences beyond fundamental teaching skills for the delivery of outcomes based education (OBE), embracing competency based learning, education, training and assessments (CBETA) in accordance with current STCW code as […]

Sea Level Rise is Accelerating

Sea Level Rise is Accelerating

NL 46 SLRA   Sea level rise is accelerating, not declining as some have hoped, scientists said on Monday citing melt water from Earth’s ice sheets as the likely cause Both the IPCC estimate and the 2014 paper were based on satellite observations of sea levels. But they were unable to take an important variable into account: […]

New Qualifications for Crew of Commer...

New Qualifications for Crew of Commercial Motor Yachts

NL 46 AMSA Four new certificates of competency for seafarers working on commercial motor yachts will be introduced in Australia from early 2016. After extensive consultation between AMSA the commercial yachting Industry, Yachting Australia, the Australian Maritime College and the Transport Logistics Industry Skills Council these new qualifications will see Australian motor yacht worker’s skills recognised with […]

Fires and Failures

Fires and Failures

NL 46 By Mahendra Singh Chief Engineer Lessons learned on fires and failures in the Engine Room If you notice carefully, it will be found that from the change room we proceed downwards to the engine room and rarely go up unless there occurs some problem, such as failure of some joint on a valve or pipe, fire […]

IMO Ferry Safety Conference Urges Act...

IMO Ferry Safety Conference Urges Action to Improve Safety Record

NL 46 IMO The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Conference on Ferry Safety The International Maritime Organization (IMO) Conference on the enhancement of safety of ships carrying passengers on non-international voyages, held in Manila, the Philippines, on 24 April 2015, has adopted guidelines to aid the process of reducing the mounting toll of accidents involving such vessels by addressing the question […]

Mentoring Guidelines for Searfarers

NL 46 GLOBAL MARITIME EDUCATION AND TRAINING BLOG By Capt. Richard Teo FNI FCILT MAICD Mentoring Guidelines for Seafarers Part 1 – Mentoring Guidelines akeaways: Role model, mentoring circles, peer team mentoring, team building, improved skills, competency-based work-life, enabling and sustaining employability knowledge, skills and praxis.    Figure 1. Mentor with Telemachus Introduction Too often, in […]